Will We Ever Learn?

It's the 21st century and we are still behaving like mindless obedient drones, ruled and manipulated by fear and ignorance. What happened to developing our potential and evolving into what our promise holds?

Looking back across the landscape of our history, the dynamics of our slow decline are evident. Personal responsibility went down before the onslaught of an ever more expanding, complicated and demanding reality. Meaningful, solid and enduring values disappeared, if they ever existed in the first place, under the onslaught and pressure of social, political and economic systems that have long outlived their appropriateness and collective value.

It is also clear that our public education system never was dedicated to the real and actual education of the Human expression of life, but has always been a social, political and economic indoctrination tool. This means that there has never been any focus on developing critical thinking skills, which help us to figure out what is real and what is not real.

We have never focused on developing our self discipline in all areas of life such as; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. We never possessed the tools to defend ourselves against greed and conditioning influences and therefore we were always vulnerable to our own reality. No, we were meant to fit into and populate a general system made up of sub-systems.

And so we took refuge in a sea of fear and ignorance which breeds hatred, violence and predjudice, which takes us further and further away from love, compassion and brotherhood. Fear and ignorance keep us from being one and together and tends to isolate us in a fantasy world of our own imagining.

It is the age of the immature, spoiled, self serving brats, and if we don't wake-up soon, we will be faced with the bill for our complacency and indifference, and that bill may just mean the end of one of the most promising expressions of life this world has ever known.

It is not too late to break the spell of facination with science, technology and the material world, and begin to explore and discover our true spiritual natures. Begin meditating and cultivate a loving and compassionate heart, seek to give and share, seek to learn and grow and realize the unlimited potential that our species represents.

I am not talking about or promoting organized religion, I am not against these groups as long as they don't promote the idea that our species should surrender to some inevitable end of days. I am saying that we are not physical beings with a spirit, but rather that we are spiritual beings that are in a physical manifestation of spiritual life.

It is not too late to find our way back home, back to the loving heart and the family of life.

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