Medicinal Herbs And The Natural Way

Many of us living in todays so called modern world have completely forgotten or never realized that medicinal herbs are at the heart of all our modern medicines and health supplements. It isn't just the drugs and parsley that originated from the plant world.

We have known about the medicinal properties of plants for thousands of years, long before the pharmaceutical industry began identifying and synthisizing specific properties from the rest of the plant and creating the so called magic bullet drugs.

Today many people are begining to believe that it is a mistake to seperate one or two characteristics from the plant and so deprive ourselves of the complete values of the plant. There is disagreement even among the herbalists on this subject.

It is clear though, that once we seperate out a plants medicinal properties, we loose the other properties that are in harmony with the whole plants natural gifts and since we are natural expressions of life just as the plants are, it seems logical that we shouldn't tamper with the natural order of reality.

Many believe that we have lost our way by perpetuating the idea that we are a seperate and more important expression of the spirit of life than other living forms of life, that in many cases, our so called progress has taken us as a species, down the wrong path.

This belief is not unusual and in many cases extends to cover other areas of human progress, especially in the areas of science and technology as well. But putting aside the social, economic, political and spiritual perceptions, there is a lot to be said for keeping to the natural harmony of life, especially when it comes to health issues.

The power of human belief is critical to any issues pertaining to reality and how we experience that reality. In todays' world our beliefs are under constant manipulative influence by one or more special interests in order to further their objectives, which are almost always about power and financial wealth.

Natural medicinal herbs are or can be very effective if combined with a powerful belief in the natural order of the world and it's interdependant environmental systems. It would seem that progress needs to be reevaluated and perhaps we should revisit the natural world and our place in it.

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