Exploring Nutritional Supplements

Exploring the world of nutritional supplements has been frustrating, confusing and mystifying. Most of the information we encountered on this subject was designed to support some group or organization with an economic interest, including the supplement industry itself. So we stopped talking to those with special interests and began talking with the people who use the products themselves, and this included our own experiences with nutritional supplements over the years.

We live in a jungle of advertising, promotion and hype, and to get past these influences we focused on the basics. For example; we looked at our civilization and the conditions we are faced with in the so called modern world such as food supply and nutrition including the human need for minerals and metals.

Basically we as a species have traded off our quality of life for economic interests and concerns. We are so consumed with the struggle to survive (which was created by economic systems) that we don't have the time to address more human issues such as our nutritional consumption and basic physical health. We eat fast food, sweets, don't drink enough water and don't get enough exercise.

One of the biggest mysteries is that we allow organizations and governments to decide what our basic nutritional needs are. This is obsurd in view of the fact that we are all individually unique and so are our nutritional needs. We can maybe generalize to a certain extent such as saying that we all need a harmoneous ballance of specific nutrients, minerals and metals, but beyond that the ground gets shaky.

After speaking with a number of people we realized that each one of us have unique needs in order to acheive a healthy balance. This is especially true when considering the needs between the male and female of the species. Equality is not the issue here. There are a few basic differences between the two sexes and most of these differences have to do with the fact that the female reproduces the species and requires a different nutritional balance.

From our own experience we have learned that over time and through the development of a high degree of self awareness, we have discovered the right combination of vitamins, minerals and exercise for ourselves along with an understanding that others have different needs. Age, sex and life style and geographical location also come into the equation and determine their own criteria and combinations.
The bottom line is this; experiment over time, let your instincts and self awareness point you in the right direction and you will achieve the right balance of time, quantity and quality.

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