Our Position on Cannabis

We did not originally include medical marijuana in our product line, but due to the overwhelming interest in this subject from the senior community, (which makes up the majority of our clients) we launched an in depth research project on this issue.

We quickly discovered that there are many interests involved. There are the political and economic interests as well as the health concerns and legal issues. We knew instinctively that this plant was a natural medicinal herb and confirmed this knowledge by researching the history of it's medicinal use for thousands of years and by many different cultures.

We always believed that laws should be based on actual facts and the truth, but in our current society this is not always the case. The laws concerning the cannabis plant are politically and economically driven. Politically because of personal political ambitions and economically because some interests which include the tobacco, alcohol and (ironically) the law enforcement industry have a definite economic stake in keeping this plant illegal.

Since law enforcement has become an industry and is no longer a social service, it's primary focus is it's own power and survival, and so has become a political entity. We also thought that competition was part of the american way of life, however, when some industries such as the tobacco and alcohol industries become too large and are able to influence government officials to the extent that they can establish laws limiting any competition that might negatively affect their bottom line, which then includes law enforcement in the mix, the publics' interests as well as the truth, are left entirely out of the equation.

In the past, as long as this whole issue was based on people seeking to entertain themselves through the use of some substance, such as alcohol or marijuana, justice and the freedom to make our own individual choices regarding the conduct of our own lives as long as this doesn't harm others, was not a clear issue. The fact is, that the laws themselves are resulting in people getting hurt due to prison sentances and profits from organized criminal activity.

But now that the public and individual health concerns are in the mix, it's a whole new subject of debate. Those interests who have an economic stake in the matter can now only maintain there power over the laws by devalueing the validity of the medical values of the cannabis plant.

They can only get away with this by manipulating the ignorance of the general public concerning this issue, and that ignorance has long been established by decades of misinformation which results in a mass conditioning effect until not only the public in the United States suffers from false information and assumptions, but the worldwide public as well.

At the end of our research we were outraged to say the least. Mostly because we bought into the horse crap ourselves for so long. But now that the vale of deception has been lifted from our perceptions, we stand not so much for this one issue, but for the return of our civil and constitutional right to live our own lives without business and government dictating what we can and cannot do. This has gotten entirely out of hand and we are sick of it and won't stand for it any longer!

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