Sources of Perceptions

Since the general public in america does not receive a true quality initial education generally speaking, as well as a national complacency, we also do not acquire correct critical thinking skills, and largely because of this complacency and educational disability, we don't question how, why and from where our perceptions and beliefs arise.

Sadly, the vast majority of citizens in the United States are the victims of outside influences rather than their own ability to exercise rational independent thinking. Large business interests, and the law enforcement industry use their lobbying capability to influence social and political perceptions concerning the laws on marijuana.

Just a little research will reveal that those laws have little or nothing to do with the actual subject upon which they are based. (the cannabis plant) When governments and other interests seek to make laws that address the use or misuse of some object or substance, they are actually saying to the citizens that they are unable to make decisions and be responsible for their own thoughts, actions and behavior, and therefore must be managed like children and not be allowed to make decisions for themselves.

The medias' power to influence our perceptions is the tool by which the interests that oppose marijuana seek to implement their power and control through the legislation of laws and regulations.

But change is inevitable and the marijuana issue is bound to change with time. Now there is another market for the use of cannabis that has nothing to do with so called abuse, but rather the lagitimate use for medical purposes. There will always be those who abuse just about anything. Look at the legal pharmaceutical products. there are those who use these products for health care purposes and those who misuse them.

How then is marijuana any different? We believe that the fear of competition and the loss of revenue by a small group of interests which include the tobacco and alcohol and ironically the law enforcement industries are behind the main opposition to rational legislation of the cannabis plant.

However, it is not only these interests that are interfering with solid clear thinking on this issue. Ironically, many of the supporters of the legalization of cannabis themselves are a negative influence to positive progress. When it comes to voting on these issues we suddenly see groups of sterotype hippies out promoting legislation. This is not a smart move. (they need to come up to speed on the importance our current civilization places on image)

What the issues need beside rationally thinking citizens, is support from the so called respectable segment of voters in the community to stand up for their right to decide for themselves regarding not only this issue, but any issue, and so not allow the government to dictate what we can or cannot think or do in this world.

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