Strains, Gains and Myths

Marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of Cannabis, typically of the species Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Strains are developed to enhance a specific combination of properties of the plant or to establish marketing differentiation. Strain names are typically chosen by their growers, and often reflect properties of the plant, such as taste, color, smell, or the origin of the strain.

There is a great deal of mis-information circulating regarding this subject, but a little bit of research will reveal what those of us who require medicinal marijuana need to know. You only need to focus on the medical uses. For example:

northern lights #5
Muscle Spasms, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Apatite, and Arousal (Yes; selected strains make you horny.)

kandy kush Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, Nausea, Appetite

purple kush
Insomnia, Pain relief, Depression, Anxiety, Nausea

blackberry kush
Pain, Sore Joints, Stress, Insomnia

OG Kush
Good strain for bed time, video games maybe sometimes wake and bake if you have nothing else to do.

bubba kush
when you want to just check out of reality

purple haze
Depression. ADD. House cleaning.

There are of course many many different strains of medical marijuana, and each has a slightly different combination of characteristics that address various symptoms. Of the two basic strains, indica and sativa, there are an almost endless variety of mixes between the two.

A basic guidline is that the indicas are heavy body effects and the sativas are strong head effects. Having said that, there are so many hybrids of the two, which can be obtained through research, that you can experiment with until you find the right effects for your particular condition.

The medical marijuan industry is still young and developing. Be aware that in the past, most strains have been bred for the stoner market rather than the medical market. This means that many of the most popular strains are those that can get you to la la land the quickest and keep you there the longest. This is good news for those who suffer from insomnia, because the last stages of these heavy potent strains is that you crash and burn (go to sleep).

Ironically, this market is much like the nutritional supplements market in that each individual must experiment over time until we find the right combination that best addresses our medical needs. Do your homework out there people, it always pays in the end.

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