The Healing Power of the Mind

One of the greatest mysteries of all time is how it is possible that the vast majority of Humans on the planet fail to realize the fact of their own unlimited power down through history! One theory is that most people fear their own power, but does this make any sense?

We believe that this does make sense, if that fear is combined with self imposed ignorance. The ignorance part of the equation is easy enough to understand when we realize that the public education system has evolved into a social, economic and political indoctrination system designed to produce good mindless obedient drone workers and consumers rather than well balanced, knowledgable and aware citizens.

So, it is difficult to develop something that we don't know exists. The fear part of the equation comes into effect when for some reason we stumble onto the reality of our own power, the power that is represented by the evolution of the mind. Once we fully realize the extent of this power we also become aware of the fact that it also demands personal responsibility, and because that concept is taboo in the general population, we turn away in fear.

This power is built upon three realities; the here and now consciousness, the subconscious mind and our own spiritual nature. Some of the dynamics involved in the power of the mind are; the conscious mind imagines and visualizes some desired objective, this sends the message to the subconscious mind which sets into motion everything necessary to achieve that objective. The spiritual part is that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind are spiritual realities.

If you don't believe the spiritual nature of these minds, just ask the question "what is mind"? Science doesn't have a clue, organized religion doesn't know either. We know that the brain exists and how it operates, but we don't know how it creates the conscious and subconscious mind, or even what these things are.

It is only recently that we have begun to realize that we are not physical beings with a spirit, but rather we are spiritual beings in a physical manifestation or form. Think about it, we visualize some reality that we want to exist and in time it comes into existance!

The law of attraction? Yes, this is part of the equation. But we believe that there are other laws that are set into motion by the subconscious mind once it gets instructions from the conscious mind. The intensity of the desire involved, the extent of the determination involved, patience etc.

We know that this is a power because we also know that it can be used incorrectly to achieve negative or unconstructive results or objectives. Here too is where the spiritual element comes into play. A well developed spiritual awareness will not allow us to engage in wrong thinking of any kind.

Wrong thinking occures when we abandon our spiritual nature and place too much importance on the material manifestation of reality. We then loose touch with genuine values, the things that have actual and enduring value and importance.

If you would like to research the subject of the power of the mind, there are tons of books that can guide you intellectually down this path. This author did this and also added yoga and meditation to the mix which I highly recommend.

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