Finding Our Way Back

We have been consumed by our facination with the material world for so long that we no longer relate to, much less experience, the loving compassionate way of faith. We have for so long abandoned our spiritual natures, that they are now alien to us. So, how do we find our way back?

My personal path back to a spiritual reality involved yoga and a mindful consciousness developed by practicing one of the oldest meditation techniques called vipassana. This is a non religious form of developing a level of awareness that is capable of monitoring the thought progressions of the mind. This frees us from the random minds' thoughts that create feelings and actions and beliefs that may or may not be good for us or others.

But I believe there are many paths back to our true natures and each of us must find the path or technique or strategy that best suits the individual. But regardless of the path you choose, it will always involve the development of self discipline in the major areas of existance such as; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realities.

Just developing mental self discipline alone is a huge step in the right direction, but don't leave the heart out of the equation because that is where the truth lives. We harden and numb ourselves to our own sensitivities in order to protect us from the mindless, heartless influences that surround us and seek to manipulate our feelings and beliefs, but we pay a high price for that protection.

The act of numbing ourselves requires that we take refuge in an abstract version of reality and this in turn removes us from direct contact with the real actual here and now world. This is a conceptual version of reality that exists in our minds only and is built on thoughts and ideas alone. This is a cold and loveless place to spend the precious moments of our lives.

Living in the actual here and now moments of our lives means opening up our minds and hearts to the enormous amount of data and thus influences that populate our environment every conscious moment of our lives. This entails opening up all our senses and learning to deal with all that input.

Meditation teached us to observe the here and now from a detached level of consciousness that allows us to choose what we will place our attention on and what we will let simply flow harmlessly right on by. Whatever path you choose, we wish you well.

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